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    The Tips For Cleaning The White Kitchen Cabinets
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    Is It Difficult To Take Care Of White Kitchen Cabinets?
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    How Buyer’s Guide Helps You To Buy The White Kitchen Cabinets?
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Cream & Ivory – Are They The New White In Kitchen Design

Posted on March 10, 2016 in home improvement, Kitchen Cabinets by

colours in kitchen design

Selecting colours in kitchen design can be really laborious given the infinite number of shades and colours to choose from. However, there are certain colours that work best in specific rooms with specific styles. People select colours for their kitchens that suit their style ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Some people prefer the traditional or classic style. It has an elegant touch from the American and European homes of the 18th to the early 20th century. Usually they use medium-toned oak floors to match the rich light and dark-coloured features.

Country style, on the other hand, is more jovial and welcoming. It is simpler compared to the traditional style but dark woodwork is also needed to finish the country feel.

Both styles come in a mix of light and dark colours. On the contrary, the contemporary kitchen design is often described as modern, minimalistic, and geometric. Its colours rely heavily on brown, taupe, cream, ivory, and pure white. It gives an exceptionally sophisticated look without having too complex details and various colours.

Because of its modern-day feel, many people prefer the contemporary kitchen design. Since everyone start off their day in the kitchen, they believe that this style’s colours can instantaneously invigorate anyone standing in the room.

Also, after a long and tiring day at work, some people still find themselves in the kitchen cooking and surprisingly, the contemporary style offers a relaxing and calming feel. Moreover, it looks and feels fresh and clean. People can also play easily with the furniture and accessorize it since any colour goes well with its palette.

With this style, white was long-considered to be more elegant. However, this trend is no more and people seem to prefer ivory and cream over it. People who are not particular with colours wouldn’t see any differences between the three, but to those who are, it’s a big thing!

Compared to white, ivory comes with a slightly darker shade as it quite resembles the colour of the tusk of an elephant that is made of ivory which is a highly valuable material. It has a hint of yellow or peach. Because it is darker, it is considered as a warmer colour than white.

Cream, on the other hand, is the pastel of yellow, much like as pink is to red. This tone is warmer and richer as compared to white. Hence, a huge number of people now favor ivory or cream over white as it may appear too bright or harsh. They are softer and can give a more soothing feeling.

In addition, kitchen appliances now come with brushed aluminum, which is a perfect match to ivory and cream. What’s more is that ivory and cream seemed to embody the light. They glow without turning yellow or being too harsh on the eyes.

As a conclusion and answer to the question if cream and ivory are the new white colours in kitchen design, it definitely is! The kitchen is the heart of our home. Make sure it offers warmth to the whole family.

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